10 JavaScript Coding Questions for a Senior Software Engineer.

A note on recent Javascript interviews.


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10 JavaScript Coding Questions for a Senior Software Engineer.

JavaScript interviews are getting more and more difficult nowadays. Its hardly only about hoisting, closures etc. but more of problem solving using data structures and system design.

I have been interviewing a lot of folks in recent years, and I should tell you that the listed interview questions are not really frontend technology specific. These are for software engineers who are going to work in some cool products which serves customers at scale.

So, here are my favourite picks in no specific order with which I measure a candidate and also face a quite lot of time in my interviews.

  1. Explain me "this" without using any JavaScript programming language reference, use a real world example.

  2. Explain me event loop with a tiniest example.

  3. Stock buy and sell problem : geeksforgeeks.org/stock-buy-sell

  4. Find duplicates in a string, optimise if you are traversing linearly.

  5. Sorting domain names : stackoverflow.com/questions/342590/sorting-..

  6. Numeric keypad problem : geeksforgeeks.org/mobile-numeric-keypad-pro..

  7. Coin change problem based on dynamic programming : geeksforgeeks.org/coin-change-dp-7

  8. Write tests of the previous question.

  9. Design a schema for an order page in an e-commerce site.

  10. Let's discuss about optimising a server rendered react application.

There are thousand of other great questions out there to prepare for an interview, but these are bare minimum that you can expect in a JavaScript interview. I am working for Lowes' where we are serving more than ~120M active users to buy and discover more than a million products. Working in these high performing tech companies, requires you to prepare holistically as a software engineer. Next post will be on system designs round.

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See you there.

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